What is recursive ?

Hello everyone,

We write algorithm sometimes. We should use recursive functions when performing mathematical operations. One of them is factorial calculation.

Recursive function calculation application that I made in its simplest form:

using System;namespace FactorialConsoleApp{public class Program{static void Main(string[] args){Program p = new Program();int factorial = p.CalculateFactorial(4);Console.WriteLine(“factorial:” + factorial);Console.ReadLine();}public int CalculateFactorial(int number){if (number == 1)return number;elsereturn number * CalculateFactorial(number -1);}}}

Reducing by one the number we want to calculate whenever the number is one we multiply the numbers and return number.




Computer Engineer, Software Developer

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Taşkın Binbir

Taşkın Binbir

Computer Engineer, Software Developer

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