How to use better GroupBy in LINQ ?

Hello everbody,

We often use LINQ. It is a very advanced query technology. I want to explain with one example.

First of all, our models;

Main part is:

Most basically, any buyer may has multiple basket, could put any product also each product could be multiple.

There are a buyer has in our example.

This buyer has 2 basket.

First basket has 2 products of the product number 1, 2 products of the product number 2 and 5 products of the product number 3.

Second basket has 5 products of the product number 2.

All items do group by productId. When we group with product id, result is products’ id and products’ quantitys.

Good luck.

This example on my github;

You can follow my list about of Entity Framework and LINQ for more;





Computer Engineer, Software Developer

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Taşkın Binbir

Taşkın Binbir

Computer Engineer, Software Developer

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