Hello everybody,

What is SOLID principle ? What is definition of the SOLID ? I am going to answer these questions.

Definition of the SOLID is:

Single Responsibility Principle

Open/Closed Principle

Liskov’s Substitution Principle

Interface Segregation Principle

Dependency Inversion/Injection Principle

Let me explain these principles.

Single Responsibility Principle

“Don’t repeat yourself”

A component…

Hello everyone,

We use linq in .net and We be able to write the query in different two syntaxes.

First syntax is Query Syntax:

IEnumerable<int> numQuery1 = from num in…

Cors’un açılımı Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (Kökenler arası kaynak paylaşımı)’dır.

Cors client’ın server’a istek göndermesi ile server’ın gerekli izinler ile bağlanma durumudur.

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